Test-driving a vehicle is a big part of the car buying process today. Not to many people buy a vehicle without taking it out for a test drive. However, test-driving a vehicle should be more than just taking it for a drive around the block. Our specialists at Tony Hyundai Waipio are here to assist you in not just test-driving your dream vehicle but also choosing one that meets your needs.

Here are some things to look for when test driving a vehicle.
  • What’s under the hood? Often, a quick look under the hood can tell a lot about a vehicle’s condition.
  • Check the technology. Most drivers are attracted to vehicles with the latest technology.
  • What is the fuel economy on the car?
  • Walk around the vehicle to see if there is any visible structural, frame or body damage.
Pay our dealership in Waipahu a visit and check out some of our vehicles. We’d love to set you up for a test drive.


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