Examine The Hyundai IONIQ At Tony Hyundai Waipio To Discover What It Has To Offer

In today's world of advancing technology, there is value and benefits to be gained by embracing what is new. Hybrid vehicles were developed be cleaner, more eco-friendly, and better overall vehicles in terms of efficiency. The 2018 IONIQ is Hyundai's entry into the hybrid class and it hopes that it'll make an impact on drivers with a number of useful features.

If your goal is to cruise around Waipahu and never stop, then the 2018 IONIQ is the vehicle for you. Hyundai has in short order created the most fuel-efficient car in the country. With an EPA estimated 57 mpg in the city and 59 mpg on the highway, the IONIQ gets you to the places you want when you want with no alteration to your current driving habits.

To ensure that you have the power that you need when you need it, the IONIQ is powered by a 1.6L gas engine that works in conjunction with a 32-kW motor. This combination produces 139 combined horsepower. Power is utilized on the road with a 6-speed dual clutch transmission and steering wheel shift paddles allow for manual shifting.



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